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Summitsoft Logo Design Studio Pro Vector Edition

Logo Design Studio Pro Vector Edition - номер один в продаже программного обеспечения для разработки логотипов в течение семнадцати лет! На протяжении многих лет мы помогали тысячам новых и существующих предприятий создавать свои логотипы, предоставляя инструменты, объекты, вдохновение и руководства, необходимые для создания уникального логотипа, личного и профессионального. Logo Design Studio Pro уже семнадцать лет является самым продаваемым программным обеспечением для разработки логотипов, и мы хотим, чтобы вы участвовали в нём.

Инструменты, предлагаемые программой, отлично подходят для создания графики для сайтов, визиток, бланков, принтов на майки, баннеров, логотипов команд, мероприятий и вечеринок. Содержит огромный выбор инструментов для создания полного набора графических материалов компании, используя вашу собственную коллекцию уникальных логотипов и изображений. Просто изменяйте готовые или импортируйте новые изображения, формы и графические объекты, чтобы получить тысячи уникальных результатов буквально за считанные минуты.

Perfect For:
- ANYONE who needs to make a professional logo
- New businesses, teams, companies, groups & more
- Product Branding – create multiple logos
- Existing logos that need a refresh
- Small businesses who need an updated look
- Start-ups in search of that perfect identity
- Collaborating with others and making unlimited revisions until your logo is perfect

Logos Made With Logo Design Studio Pro Software
Take a look at some to the incredible logos that were created with Logo Design Studio Pro Software. All of these logos were created with Logo Design Studio Pro’s easy to use application, logo templates, and graphics.

Go Big with Vector Graphics
With Logo Design Studio Pro, you never have to worry about your logo looking fuzzy or pixelated when enlarged. The built in vector tools and graphics allow you to scale your logo to any size without losing sharpness or clarity. From web images to letterheads to billboards, your logo will look perfect in any size and in any place.

Unlimited Customization
Start with one of 2,000 customizable templates or one of the 6,000+ vector shapes, images, fonts, or graphics included with Logo Design Studio Pro to jump start your logo design. Looking for other templates? Check out all of our vector expansion packs for the perfect logo for your business or industry. All are royalty free and ready for commercial use!

Reshape Your Image
The vector graphics and fonts give you the power and flexibility to stretch, bend, reshape, and modify simple shapes. Or use the advanced drawing tools to create your own completely unique shapes. The intuitive and flexible toolset is equipped to handle the most advanced logo design needs.

Incredible Special Effects
Add a creative touch using professional effects that get noticed. Lift your logo off the canvas with a shadow, add a 3D bevel technique and so much more to give your design your unique look.

Your Logo Your Brand, Use It Everywhere!
Your logo is the face of your business and is a reflection of your company’s personality and culture. As your brand identity, you want a compelling, professional logo usable everywhere to attract customers. Your logo is more than just your name, it’s everything you and your business represent. Start creating the perfect logo today with Logo Design Studio Pro.

System Requirements:
- Operating System: Windows® 10, Windows® 8/8.1, Windows® 7 and Windows® Vista
- Hardware: PC with Pentium 400 MHz or higher processor
- Memory: 512 MB of RAM
- Hard Disk: 1500 MB of available hard-disk space
- DVD-ROM drive (for boxed shipments)


Информация о программе:
Год выпуска:
Платформа: Windows® 7/8/8.1/10/Vista
Язык интерфейса: Английский / English
Лекарство: Встроено
Размер файла: 948.83 MB

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